Founded in Çorum with a team of experts in 2004 under the name of Advanced Technology Systems, it continued its activities as NetSystem Software and Consulting. Our company, with its qualified employees who have adopted the understanding of development, with its increasing knowledge and experience in the field of information technologies, and its understanding of quality and service that is constantly developing, serves medium and large segment institutions operating in various sectors.

While offering its products and services, NetSystem Software and Consultancy focuses on the most suitable and innovative solutions for the needs of its customers, not only following the technological developments; It has become an institution that offers value-added solutions to its customers with its innovative and broad vision that is open to development.

NetSystem Software and Consulting, which offers technology and applications that will increase the profitability and productivity of its customers in a scalable structure, in line with the needs of its customers, has been continuing its way with its solid infrastructure and expert staff since 2004.