NetSystem Custom Software Service:

By responding to the special needs and requests of institutions, it provides faster and more efficient solutions.

Since each company's organizational structure, management approach, strategy and tactics are different, it is not possible to manage business processes in the desired direction and achieve success with package software based on standard patterns. However, all business processes can be successfully managed with special software developed in direct proportion to the characteristics of the companies.

Special software developed within the scope of the special software service offered by NetSystem to meet the special needs of companies has features of easy use, high performance and compatibility with all browsers.

The purpose of the special software service offered by NetSystem is to minimize the project risks and prevent possible failures, time and financial losses.

Benefits of NetSystem custom software service:

  • When special software is developed in direct proportion to the needs and wishes, the project costs are reduced and the efficiency of the projects increases.
  • The risk factor in the projects is minimized.
  • It saves time when special software is developed in line with a specific target.
  • NetSystem carefully plans the projects together with its customers in order to minimize the risk factor in the special software projects it develops and ensures that its customers take an active part in every stage of their projects.
  • Special software projects are measured continuously and simplicity is given importance in projects.

Before the special software projects NetSystem is developing, the purpose and scope of the project to be developed are clearly determined and the work to be carried out at which stage is planned in direct proportion to the delivery date of the project.

NetSystem custom software processes:

  • Analysis
  • With the detailed analysis studies carried out before the special software projects, it is clearly determined which studies will be carried out at which stage of the projects, so that the projects can be delivered completely at the time they need to be delivered.

  • Software development
  • Following the project analysis work carried out in line with the information received from the customers, the software development process is started and the process is completed.

  • Reporting
  • In the development process of special software projects, all stages are reported to the customer. Errors and deficiencies that may occur are detected during the software development process, and time and financial losses are prevented.

  • Test
  • All stages of the projects are tested to the finest detail after the projects are completed. Following the test phase, the presentation is made after the deficiencies and errors identified in the projects are eliminated.

  • Education
  • After the special software projects are delivered to the customers, the customers are subjected to the project training program so that they can use the projects effectively and comfortably, and the prepared project training documents are shared with the customers.