The basis of our quality policy is to provide goods and services to our customers with a planned production, on time and in accordance with market standards.The general scope of our production; It is our uncompromising quality policy to keep costs at low levels without sacrificing technology and high quality, to raise awareness of our consumers about production, to guide them about their technical needs, and to train them.While reaching this goal, it is our working principle that we will not neglect to take all kinds of precautions that must be taken in industrialized civilized societies related to the environment and human health.

Quality objectives are as follows;

  • To ensure that all the products we sell are supplied by 98%,
  • Reducing customer complaints by 10%,
  • To increase our production capacity by 15% compared to the previous year,
  • To control the inputs received from our suppliers within a maximum of 1 day,
  • To comply with 98% of the times we give to our customers for service,
  • To keep the rate of returned products below 2%,
  • To conclude all the design activities that are planned to be carried out within 15 days at the latest,